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About Speakers Bureau

As part of the St. Louis Fed’s outreach and education efforts, some Bank staff members give speeches to public, professional and civic groups. Topics include the role and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve, economic outlooks, banking and finance, and payment systems.

Because the Federal Reserve is an apolitical institution, St. Louis Fed employees can’t accept invitations to appear at political events and fundraisers. They don’t accept gifts, honoraria, or compensation.


  • Jan. 15-27
  • March 5-17
  • April 23-May 5
  • June 4-16
  • July 16-28
  • Sept. 10-22
  • Oct. 22-Nov. 3
  • Dec. 3-15

How Speaker Requests are Evaluated

The St. Louis Fed’s Public Affairs division coordinates and evaluates speaking requests based on speaker availability, the forum and subject matter. The audience must have at least 50 people. Please submit requests at least 60 days before your event to allow sufficient time for preparation.

Federal Reserve Blackout Periods

Federal Reserve policy limits staff public speaking during blackout periods, which start the second Saturday before the beginning of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting and end at midnight on the next day after the meeting. Speakers aren’t allowed to discuss topics related to the economy or monetary policy during those times.

Request a Speaker

For questions, please call Caroline Maurer at 314-444-7471, or 1-800-333-0810, ext. 444-7471, or caroline.maurer@stls.frb.org.

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