Bank Officers

The Bank's president, first vice president and a team of Federal Reserve officers manage the Bank's day-to-day operations. The St. Louis Fed’s Management Committee is the central policymaking body of the Bank and is responsible for setting the direction of the organization.

Management Committee

  • James Bullard
    President and CEO
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  • Kathleen O. Paese
    First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
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  • Cassie Blackwell

    Cassie R. Blackwell
    Senior Vice President, Treasury Operations
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  • Karen L. Branding
    Senior Vice President, External Engagement and Corporate Communications Division; and Corporate Secretary
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  • Carlos Garriga

    Carlos Garriga
    Senior Vice President and Director of Research
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  • Francois Henriquez

    François G. Henriquez II
    Senior Vice President, People, Strategy and Administration Division; Chief Administrative Officer; and General Counsel
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  • Amy Hileman

    Amy C. Hileman
    Senior Vice President, Supervision Learning, Center for Learning Innovation and Shared Learning Services
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  • Mike Kraus

    Michael J. Kraus
    Senior Vice President, Information Technology Division; and Chief Information Officer
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  • James Price

    James A. Price
    Senior Vice President, Internal Support, Payments and SASTeC Division
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  • Matthew W. Torbett
    Senior Vice President and Treasury Relations and Support Office Product Manager
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  • David Wheelock

    David C. Wheelock
    Senior Vice President and Special Policy Advisor to the Bank President
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  • Carl White, Senior Vice President

    Carl D. White II
    Senior Vice President, Supervision, Credit and Learning Division
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